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Civic Driver Pulls Out In Front of Semi

I will attest that those civic models have some terrible blind spots but the driver should have looked before pulling out into traffic. I mean….. how do you not see…..

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When suddenly a wild car appears

A reminder to all of you on the road; Always be aware of your surroundings. Happened in San Francisco on US-101 by the San Francisco Airport

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Australian Parking Fail

….. and we go to the judges…. 10/10 for worst parking attempt in 2015! Congratulations!

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Motorcyclist Gets Hit By Intersection Blocker

A personal pet-peeve of mine is people who block intersections. Here is a prime example of why you should never proceed across an intersection if you do not have room…..

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Motorcycle Rider Tries to Cause Accident

Viewer submitted video: “February 25, 2015. Phoenix, Arizona About 12:30 PM. Driving home at about noon today, a guy in a motorcycle starts to ride my ass. I mean RIDE…..

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Bad Driver Gets Instant Karma

Reckless Belarusian driver overtakes toward traffic and gets instant karma. Thanks to John Rides for sending this to us. Check out his Youtube Channel here